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Heating Art
Infrared heating

The art of heating, with art as heating
designed by Vincent Messelier.

shortly about Vincent Messelier

He was born in Kortrijk. Belgium on 06/10/67. He started his first painting in May 2006. He is a completely self-taught, artist who is very passionate about his art . Vincent paints from his heart and soul with some jazzy music on the background. Depending on the moment or his mood, some other music can inspire his work. In March 2011 he decided to sell his credit management office, he had started up in 1992 and chose to live his real passion… Art In November 2011 he became member of ‘Dubai art centre International’ where he exhibited his works and also kept his own art studio. In April that year he exhibited in New York City , Barcelona and Bari. Later followed Den Haag Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Palermo, Spoleto, Stuttgart, Paris, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, and is invited for many more like London, Toronto, Casablanca, Monaco, Lissabon, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Berlin, Bejing, Venice, Milan… and is also mentionend in several artbooks for museums and art collectors. He also won several international art awards in America and Italy. He has developed his own kind of style: "meridianism". He works with pallet knives and you can always recognize vertical and horizontal stripes and lines that are corrections of the chaos he sometimes put on the canvas. Acryl is his medium and sometimes he combines with pieces of wood, foam or other materials..

Vincent Messelier

Belgian passionate artist-painter-photographer International award winner Member of Dubai international art centre.

Art as a heater, a heater as Art

High Quality heaters powered by the German manufacturer Welltherm stand for reliability. Expertise and decades of experience in the development and manufacture of heating elements

Art never felt so warm

When a passionate artist and a leading manufacturer of infrared heating giving the best of themselves then you experience a whole new dimension of art and heating. Heating Art is born.

Heating Art saves you money

Infrared heating is the perfect way to save on your energy bill. You save money, You save nature without compromising on comfort

Vincent Messelier & the Art of heating

With the infrared heating of heating Art you enjoy a comfortable heat combined with the refined art of Vincent Messelier.

Infrared heating art

Heating art is a memory that stays forever.

Is this art? yes, but it also heats your (living) room! Suppose when infrared heating changes into art, your house is getting a total new dimension! And in an affordable way! want to know more about? Reduce your energy consumption with at least 30-50 %. Your investment in art gives you direct return and you win it back in less than 3 years!

Eugene Verbraak

When I met Vincent Messelier for the first time we were both on the same wavelength. We shared the same passion for combining art with infrared heating. The pleasure to make the heating invisible by emphasizing it as artwork.
Eugene Verbraak / CEO Enerco International