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CBO Elektro
Veilingstraat 55 Blok B
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De groene leeuw
Hoefijzer 50
9880 Aalter
Tel 0487/47 15 23

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Schreurs Saniver
Groenstraat 127
3630 Maasmechelen
Tel 089/76 01 19

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Heating Art
Flandriastraat 21
8800 Roeselare
Tel 051/43 90 32

Heating Art Brabant

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Heating Art Zeeland

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Infrared heating Art

Vincent Messelier

He was born in Kortrijk (Belgium) on 6 october 1967. He started painting in May 2006. He is compleet self-taught artist who is very passionate about his art.

His background

In March 2011 he decided to sell his creditmanagement office and choose for his real passion. Art .

About his work

Vincent paints from his heart and soul with some jazzy music on the background. Depending on the moment or his mood, some other music can inspire him.

Membership and exhibitions

He became a member of Dubai art international since 2011. He had allready exhibitions all over the world.